Eminem Reveals he Nearly Died from a Drug Overdose in 2007 and Describes Being “F*cked up Every Night”

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as Eminem, is a well-known American rapper with a worldwide fan base. While few people are aware that the rapper overdosed on drugs a few years ago, he recently opened up about it, revealing what saved his life.

Eminem has numerous studio albums, songs, and other works that are extremely popular with his fans. The Marshall Mathers LP, Revival, Relapse, The Eminem Show, The Real Slim Shady, Like Toy Soldiers, and Love The Way You Lie are a few examples.

According to Page Six, as Eminem was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, he went down memory lane and discussed the time he overdosed on drugs in 2007. While speaking to the audience, he revealed how music saved his life and how he nearly died from an overdose in 2007. He even asked his daughter, Hailie, to cover her ears before disclosing his addiction struggles.

“Music literally saved my life… I’ll make this as easy as possible. I’m stuttering and sting. I’m probably not supposed to be here tonight for a couple of reasons. In 2007, I nearly died from an overdose, which was unfortunate. Plug your ears, Hailie. Because drugs were fking tasty. I thought we were on to something good, but I had to f**k it all up. “Goddamn,” Eminem exclaimed.

The rapper went on to say that he had lost his spot and that he had to fight his way back into music. Eminem also expressed his gratitude for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for hip hop, which he adored.

Wait a minute, I misplaced my motherf**ing spot. Did I tell you that drugs were delicious, Paul? And finally, man, I had to really fight my way through to try and break through in this music, and I’m so honoured and grateful that I’m even able to be up here doing hip-hop music, because I love it so much.” Eminem added.


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