Lil Uzi Vert has finally teased a possible release date for the Pink Tape, and they celebrated by resuming their old hairstyle.

Perfect Timing spoke briefly with the Philadelphia rapper, who simply stated that their highly anticipated Pink Tape would be released at the “end of the month.” An astute fan also pointed out in the comments that June 23 is National Pink Day, implying that Uzi might abandon the project at that time.

Most fans, however, did not believe Uzi’s claim, as they had been waiting for the Pink Tape for several years.

One fan wrote, “He’s been saying this since October 2021,” while another added, “he lies when he’s bored.”

Uzi also revealed that they had returned to their signature short dreadlocks from earlier in their career.

Uzi has reportedly been speaking more about the project in recent weeks, most notably in a sprawling cover story interview with 032c, where they discussed their latest single “Just Wanna Rock,” which appears to be unfinished.

“Yeah, I make experimental music,” admitted Uzi. “That song is clearly unfinished.” The end of the beat is also messed up.”

The Philadelphia rapper released “Just Wanna Rock” in October of last year, and the Jersey Club-infused song quickly became an unusual chart-topping anthem, peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 and selling more than a million copies by December. By February 2023, the song would have been certified platinum.

Lil Uzi Vert

Uzi went on to discuss the song’s Jersey Club influence, saying that they simply chose a beat that sounded “the most fun.” Uzi added that considering the rapper’s background as a dancer, the fancy viral footwork seen in the “Just Wanna Rock” music video should come as no surprise.

“People forgot I used to be a dancer before I was a rapper,” Uzi explained. “I didn’t make any of this up; that’s how cool kids from Philadelphia and New Jersey dance, so I’m just a product of my surroundings.” “All I’m doing is shining a light on that culture.”

Uzi had previously performed an unreleased song during their Rolling Loud California set, but rappers and fans alike were outraged by one particular lyric: “I make a City Girl Believe in Satan.”

In response to the backlash, Lil Uzi Vert basically told everyone to calm down and said the lyric was just a braggadocious bar. “Basically, I make a girl do whatever I say so,” Uzi explained to TMZ.


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