Monica Separates Fighting Fans by Reminding them that She Wasn’t Performing “Knuck If You Buck”

Monica was forced to remind the rowdy audience at a recent performance in Washington, D.C. that they weren’t watching a Crime Mob Show.

Monica scolded a group of fighting fans at the latest stop on the R&B Experience Tour this week, reminding them that she wasn’t on stage performing the Atlanta rap group’s 2004 single “Knuck If You Buck.” The incident occurred while Monica was performing her fan-favorite song “Why I Love You So Much,” which was interrupted by a brawl breaking out in the audience directly in front of the R&B legend.

“I ain’t singing Knuck If You Buck,” she told fans after interrupting her performance to address the hecklers. “Calm down, that shit.”

I’ll leave it to Crime Mob member Princess to remind those who don’t remember the fight-starting anthem: “I think violence played a role in our growing up because that’s what we saw,” she told Complex in 2018. “So, as music should be, we take in what’s around us and document it.” Classic songs are exactly that.”

After Monica’s first request failed to appease the rowdy crowd, the R&B singer offered to buy the shitheads drinks in order to keep the peace among the thousands in attendance. That, too, failed, resulting in security taking matters into its own hands. Monica performed her classic 2003 ballad “So Gone” to commemorate their departure from the concert venue.


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