21 Savage Defends His Celebrity Girlfriend Latto

21 Savage and Latto, both from Atlanta, collaborated on songs like “Pull Up” and “Wheelie.” Some music fans believe the two musicians started dating.

However, neither Latto nor 21 Savage confirmed the rumoured romance. Savage has now informed the public that Latto is not his female partner.

21 Savage

“I’ve been scorching for a long time. I don’t engage in all of the antics and s###. “I don’t have a celebrity girlfriend,” 21 Savage admitted on Clubhouse.

“I’m not going to be everywhere,” the I Am > I Was album’s creator added. I’m not releasing music every two weeks. I’m not going to go on live every other week and talk about sh*t.”

21 Savage’s remarks were actually about his “One Mic, One Gun” collaboration with Nas. According to reports, some people accused the London-born rapper of purposefully implying Nas was irrelevant in order to secure a song with the Hip Hop legend.

In response to Nas’s criticism, Savage stated, “We been figuring out how we were going to do a song before this.” I’ve had his number on my mother.”

In terms of the rumoured Latto/21 Savage romance, it is unclear whether they were ever a couple or if they dated and then broke up. Latto discussed her musical chemistry with the “Rich Flex” performer back in March.

“[21 Savage] is one of the male Atlanta artists running it, and I’m hands down the female running it,” Latto said. “I believe it’s just the Atlanta chemistry.” Back in the day, I used to open up for 21. “I was probably 15 or 16 at the time.”


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