“Imma Pull Up on You,” 21 Savage Says to Kai Cenat about Starting to Stream on Twitch

Kai Cenat and 21 Savage recently spoke on the phone, and the latter promised to start streaming on Twitch soon. Kai is the most-followed Twitch streamer and has recently made some impressive moves. He recently hung out with Lil Baby, moved in with IShowSpeed, and streamed with him.

However, 21 Savage appeared in his most recent livestream and discussed a future video they were planning. Savage also hinted that he would soon begin streaming on Twitch. He stated,

“When I get back, I’ma pull up on you, we can do a video.”

While playing GTA RP, the Twitch streamer received a call from DJ Akademics, who informed him that 21 Savage was in his chat at the time. Kai reviewed the chat for several minutes, trying to figure out which one was Savage. Later, he received another call from Akademics, who said he would set them up on Discord.

Following their greetings, 21 Savage teased that he would begin creating content for Twitch. He stated,

“Aye, you gotta turn my s**t up, I’m finna start Twitchin.”

The chat was buzzing with activity as the two discussed a future project. Since going viral, a well-known streamer has been working on new content with a diverse group of content creators. Kai stated to Savage,

“Yo, so what’s the word? We can do whatever you want. You gotta come on stream so you can tell everybody what your Twitch is.”

On Twitch, there is already a user named 21 Savage. It’s unclear whether the rapper owns the account. During the call, however, the rapper revealed his Twitch username as “21 step,” a black account with 0 followers. Kai Cenat invited him to turn on his webcam, but 21 Savage was not interested. According to the British rapper:

“Bro, I’ma pull up on you. You stay in in Atlanta? When I get back, I’ma pull up on you, we can do a video.”

While the chat applauded the duo, Kai Cenat was eager to create content with 21 Savage. The rapper then changed the subject to the recent album he collaborated on with Drake.

“Aight, bet, we can do whatever, bro, I just heard your, um, the album with you and Drake, that s**t was crazy.”

21 Savage asked Kai if he “f**ked with it,” and the Twitch streamer made it clear that he loved the album, citing a specific part of a song that spoke to him. He stated,

“Yeah, especially the part where you said ‘Why you pull up and sit on the edge of the bed at 1 am.”

While playing NBA 2K, the two talked. 21 Savage offered to wager $10,000 on the match. Kai Cenat didn’t seem interested in that figure, so they settled on $1000 instead.

Kai also offered to assist 21 Savage in getting his webcam and related equipment set up on Twitch. The rapper stated that he would return to Atlanta next week so that Kai Cenat could feature him on stream.


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