Jack Harlow Claims to be the ‘Hardest White Boy’

Jack Harlow returned on Friday with his latest full-length offering Jackman, nearly a year after releasing his sophomore album Come Home The Kids Miss You.

“They Don’t Love It,” the second track on the 10-track project, sees Harlow brag about being the best white rapper since Eminem.

“Ya boy’s strivin’ to be the most dominant ever/The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters,” Harlow raps on his first verse, referring to an iconic line (“there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti”) from Em’s 2002 hit single “Lose Yourself.”

“And hold the comments, ’cause I promise you I’m honestly better than whoever came to mind right then/They ain’t cut from the same thread as him/”They don’t study, work to get ahead like him/They don’t toss and turn in the fuckin’ bed like him,” Jack spits in the following lines.

Harlow has never shied away from naming Eminem as one of his biggest influences, as the Louisville rapper revealed in a November 2020 episode of GQ’s “Actually Me” video series that he idolises the Detroit MC.

Jack Harlow

“I grew up listening to Eminem,” explained Harlow. “I idolised Eminem, who was a big influence on me growing up.” I mean, he’s sick.

But, obviously… I remember wearing a beanie, a hoodie and headphones around my neck when I was ten or eleven years old. Because I aspired to be like him.”

A year later, at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, Harlow spoke with Billboard about a phone call he had with Em following their collaboration “Killer.”

“We didn’t get to meet, but we had a phone call that meant the world to me,” Harlow explained. “I haven’t yet shared it with the world, but I can’t wait for the world to hear it.” He lavished me with props that any artist would envy. Sometimes the best gem is simply someone you admire telling you who you think you are. ‘You’re that,’ he told me. You’re sick.’ I’ve been waiting for that for a decade. So it was unique.”


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