Lil Baby was Unimpressed with the Results of a TikTok AI Anime Filter

Various AI-powered filters have become popular on TikTok. Because anime is so popular in the United States, one of TikTok users’ favourite filters turns them into anime-style illustrations of themselves. However, the outcomes aren’t always predictable, as Lil Baby recently discovered as part of his brand partnership with Axe Body Spray. Given that Baby and Axe are working on a manga for their upcoming “Fine Fragrance Collection,” it’s only natural that the Atlanta rapper tried out the anime filter on TikTok — even if the results were less than stellar.

Lil Baby

“Let me check this out,” he says, turning on the filter. Unfortunately, the illustration it produces is… well… There’s a reason why no one wants AI to write scripts or compose music. When Baby embarks on his It’s Only Us Tour at the end of July, he’ll have plenty of time to catch up on his favourite anime and manga. With two months of travel ahead of him, now is the time to stock up on reading and viewing material for the road. Shonen Baby, his Axe manga, will be released on June 11th.


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