Lil Gnar signs with Chief Keef’s new label, 43B

Chief Keef, the veteran Chicago rapper and drill pioneer, has launched a new label, 43B (“Forget Everyone”), in collaboration with RBC Records and BMG, and his first signing is Atlanta-based rapper Lil Gnar. (pictured above, right, with Keef).

Chief Keef has released several albums on RBC since 2014, including “Sorry 4 the Weight,” “Thot Breaker,” and “Mansion Musick,” which was purchased by BMG four years ago.

43B is a multi-tiered label that provides distribution and marketing services to artists and producers, according to the announcement. It also mentions that the name (“Forget Everyone”) is meant to emphasise the value of individuality and autonomy.

Lil Gnar

The label will be led by Chief Keef’s longtime manager, Idris Dykes, who will also serve as co-CEO, and Sophie Kautz, who will oversee A&R and marketing.

“For over a year, 43B has been a passion project of mine, and I’m ready to give artists who are changing the game a label where they can truly succeed,” Keef says. “I’ve been independent for almost ten years, and I want to share my knowledge of the industry with artists who are changing the culture in order to reach the top.”

“I’m incredibly excited about the formation of 43B,” Dykes adds. This collaboration with BMG provides us with the opportunity to incorporate the dynamic and forward-thinking ideas on ownership and individuality championed by Chef Keef throughout his career into the infrastructure of our new venture. We are thrilled to provide a platform and resources for the most innovative artists of the next generation to thrive in this industry.”


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