Lil Pump Approaches Amouranth and Fandy, Asking if He can Manage their OnlyFans

According to Amouranth and Fandy, rapper Lil Pump is slipping into the DMs of OnlyFans models to see if he can manage their accounts.

Amouranth is one of the world’s most popular OnlyFans models, earning millions of dollars each month, and it appears that Lil Pump wants a piece of that pie.

OnlyFans has earned content creators a fortune as a platform, with Alinity revealing that two months on the site earned her more than ten years on Twitch.

Now, screenshots of OnlyFans star Fandy asking if he can manage her account have surfaced, with Amouranth claiming he sent her the same message.

OnlyFans models are being managed by Lil Pump
Fandy posted screenshots of an Instagram conversation she was having with Lil Pump, in which the rapper pitched his idea to her, in a tweet.

“Look, I’m sure you get a lot of angry people calling you about OnlyFans management… Would you be willing to at least talk?” He was curious. “We have a great team, and we’d love to get on the phone with you and at least explain and show you everything.”

Needless to say, this surprised Fandy, who captioned the conversation, stating that Lil Pump’s question about OnlyFans management was “not on her list” for the day.

Surprisingly, she isn’t the only one he appears to have messaged. Amouranth also commented, “just checked my DM and me too.”

Another model, Bella Rama, shared her own screenshot, which revealed the exact same text word for word.

Lil Pump isn’t the first rapper to enter Amouranth’s DMs. Last summer, Lil B messaged her and other models, requesting custom foot photos.


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