Who is Wrst Kid? Independent or Industry Plant?

Many people say that this 19-year-old artist is music’s next big industry plant. Coming out the gate with getting reactions on his 2nd single from some biggest names in the entertainment industry like Kai Cenat, No Life Shaq and more. This kid came out of nowhere, started blowing up, gaining a substantial amount of attention and you can’t find anything about him online. Are we missing something?

We have gathered some information about Wrst Kid that we got from his social medias, did some deep diving into it and guess what there’s more to it.

Wrst Kid’s spotify bio says that he is a 19-year-old independent music artist based out of Los Angeles, California. After rapidly gaining a substantial fanbase off of social media (thanks to his good looks), Wrst Kid decided to pivot his audience into the music scene. Wrst Kid reportedly launched his own publishing company called Sletiq and a marketing arm under Sletiq called Mainstream, in 2022, to stay ahead of this music business and to eventually fund his music career to grow as an artist.

But the question still arrives that how is he getting all these reactions on his latest track High-Tech Flow from these big internet creators with no advance capital by any management or record label and without even shooting music videos? Or is he making big bags from his business ventures to pay for all this?

As we all know the music business is hard and it takes a lot of capital (especially in the initial stage of your career) to grow in this industry. There is no way that Wrst Kid is able to pull off all of these things solo-dolo. We found that Wrst Kid has a manager named Flazzey, who sort of manages all of his socials and marketing side of things while Kid making sure that the things are being done abiding by all the legal stuff. RAP CZN Team contacted Kid’s manager to know more about him but he straight up but respectfully refused to answer any of our questions and said that he cannot breach the agreement he signed with Kid.

Whether Wrst Kid is an independent artist or an industry plant, we can say that he’s really smart in the way he presents himself online. There is no way to contact him directly which could be a sign that he is signed to a record label anonymously and is presenting himself as an independent artist. Or it could be the other way around. Nobody knows. Want to know more about Wrst Kid? Check out his social medias and music channels, handle @WrstKid on all platforms.

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