Lil Yachty Performs “The Black Seminole” on ‘SNL’

Lil Yachty is making a memorable debut on Saturday Night Live.

Yachty’s performance was announced on March 11 during Jenna Ortega’s episode, which featured musical guest 1975.

During his performance, Yachty began with “The Black Seminole,” which featured Diana Gordon and was accompanied by a psych rock band.

Yachty recently released his latest full-length album, Let’s Start Here. The album was an unexpected departure from his previous releases. He frequently spoke about his experimentation during its rollout because he wanted to be taken seriously as an artist.

“I think I made it because I really wanted to be taken seriously as an artist.” Not just any SoundCloud rapper or mumble rapper. “Not some guy who only had one hit,” he explained. “I wanted to be taken seriously because music is everything to me.” I respect all genres of music, not just rap and hip-hop. So I guess I wanted to make something to show the world how wonderful it was for me.”

Questlove became a fan of Let’s Start Here almost immediately after it was released on January 27. “After about 3 listens (and I thought I’d NEVER say this—-not because “I didn’t expect this from Lil Yachty,”—but just in general, I didn’t expect this from MUSIC),” “I love this Lil Yachty record, and I love it when artists pull off a good departure record,” he wrote.


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