Nicki Minaj Swatting Child Abuse Call, Fire Cops Say Claims Are False

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was the victim of a swatting prank, according to the Sheriff’s Department, in which a caller falsely claimed Nicki’s child was being abused, but also that her house was on fire.

According to law enforcement sources, the attempted swatting occurred earlier this month when child services received an anonymous call alleging child abuse at Nicki’s L.A. home.

We’re told deputies from the sheriff’s office arrived at Nicki’s house around 6 p.m. Monday, but after speaking with her and her husband Kenneth Petty… and looking at their almost 3-year-old child, they determined there was no abuse and everything was fine.

Nicki Minaj

According to our sources, deputies classified it as a swatting call, and officers want everyone to know that these types of calls are a huge waste of time and resources.

BTW, that wasn’t the only thing falsely reported about Nicki on this particular night; sources with direct knowledge tell us that another call came in around 3 a.m. reporting that her home was on fire, which was also proven to be false. In other words, two bogus calls arrived within a 24-hour period, which is quite startling.

Swatting is a type of prank call in which the goal is to get a large police response at someone’s home… and it’s a growing problem for cops across the country.

Nicki isn’t the only celebrity who has received swatting calls. It recently happened to YouTuber Adin Ross and influencer Madison Beer, as we previously reported.

Last but not least, sources close to Nicki tell us she’s not going down without a fight. We’re told she’s hired lawyers to ensure that those responsible for the swatting are identified and held accountable, which could lead to criminal charges down the road.


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