Saweetie Appears on New Song to Address Lil Baby and Quavo Rumors, Splits Fans

Saweetie appears to address the Lil Baby and Quavo rumours on her new song “Don’t Say Nothin’,” which has divided fans due to the timing of her rebuttal.

Saweetie’s surprise project Single Life was released on Friday (November 18). The album includes the song “Don’t Say Nothin’,” in which the Californian rhymer appears to respond to the persistent rumour that she was with Lil Baby shortly after her split from Quavo.

“Why are niggas always commenting on who I’m fuckin’ on?”

“He must’ve gotten excited when I FaceTimed with nothing on,” raps Saweetie on the song. “Those yappin’ lips are the ones I nutted on/ A hunnid K, could you please tell me how much paper I’ll be touching?/ That’s light; I should check my net worth/ I’d like to see a photo of him in his sweatshirt.

The $100,000 line appears to be a direct response to rumours that Lil Baby went on a $100,000 shopping spree with Saweetie following her breakup with Quavo. Since Quavo addressed the situation on the Only Built for Infinity Links song “Messy,” and Lil Baby alluded to it on his new track “Not Finished,” it’s only natural that Saweetie would weigh in. However, the song’s release a week after the death of Quavo’s nephew and Lil Baby’s labelmate, Takeoff, did not sit well with many people on social media.

“Sweetie is strange trying to clear up the allegations while Quavo just lost someone, and plus the song sounds terrible just don’t release it at all lol..,” one person said.

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