Takeoff Cops Piecing Beef Together, Resulting in Fatal Shooting

Cops are attempting to piece together the argument that erupted into gunfire in the fatal shooting of Takeoff, and the insignificance of the whole thing is mind-boggling.

According to law enforcement sources, Quavo and others exchanged angry words after he lost a dice game at the bowling alley. We’re told they took the argument outside and started arguing about who could beat who at basketball.

That matches video obtained by TMZ, in which you can hear Quavo becoming increasingly frustrated… talking about basketball and assuring the group that he’d win.

From there, things reach a tipping point… Quavo begins to walk away, and then, according to our sources, a punch is thrown. Suddenly, at least ten shots are fired. It appears that multiple weapons were fired, striking three people, including Takeoff.

There have been no arrests, and police have not publicly identified a suspect. In another video obtained by TMZ, a man in the group is seen holding and then raising his gun. According to cops, he is currently a person of interest.

Takeoff’s Migos groupmates have yet to comment publicly on his death.

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