Lil Baby and Nardo Wick Release a Music Video for “Pop Out”

Lil Baby has released the music video for his song “Pop Out,” which features Nardo Wick.

The hip-hop/rap track first appeared on Lil Baby’s third studio album, It’s Only Me, released on October 14, 2022. The newly released music video brings the success-laden track to life, marking the second time Lil Baby and Nardo Wick have collaborated.

As Lil Baby raps about his life achievements, he can be seen in a variety of shots, including riding around in a Maybach, sitting with his two sons, hanging out with his crew, and more. “I’m the type of guy willing to die for this sht if it means we win/I can’t slip, look at this sht I’ve built, I know they tryna nail us,” Lil Baby raps.

The “Pop Out” music video follows the release of the “From Now On” music video featuring Future at the end of last month.

Look at the “Pop Out” visual in the image above.


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