Ice Spice and Lil Tjay Give Away Turkeys in the Bronx for Thanksgiving

Ice Spice and Lil Tjay recently hosted a turkey drive in their Bronx, New York hometown.

Yesterday’s event was held at the Slattery Playground, located at 231 E. 183rd St. (Nov. 16). A crowd of possibly thousands of people can be seen waiting for the turkey giveaway in a video of the drive shared by Lil Tjay on his Instagram account.

“This shit looks active out here,” Lil Tjay says after showing footage of the large crowd. “We’ve got it in the Bronx. Listen, I’ve got a lot of turkeys to give away. Police on cop shit. We are, however, cooling.”

He then shows a video of Ice Spice in the appropriate location.

“[Ice Spice here] is my son. If you haven’t arrived yet, please do so “He continues. “I know the opps are upset because they can’t do this.”

Unfortunately, the event was cut short, but not before Tjay and Spice were able to distribute turkeys to local families in time for Thanksgiving.

Lil Tjay has returned to the streets after being shot during an apparent robbery in New Jersey in June. Tjay was hospitalised for nearly a month after the incident before making a full recovery and being released in August. He’s since released the singles “Beat the Odds,” “Faceshot,” and “Give You What You Want.”

Since the release of her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” in August, Ice Spice’s name has been on everyone’s lips. She has since released the new single “Bikini Bottom,” which has received mixed reviews. Ice recently revealed that she is working on her debut EP.

Below is a video of Lil Tjay and Ice Spice’s Bronx Turkey Drive

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