Lil Baby Recalls a Toxic Relationship with Fridayy in ‘Forever’

Lil Baby is working harder than ever after his unrivalled stardom over the last few years. Picking up where he left off with his third studio album It’s Only Me last year, the Atlanta native today released the video for the album’s standout track “Forever” with Fridayy.

Baby recounts a toxic relationship with a woman he only sees sporadically due to his jet-setting lifestyle in the video, which was shot on location in the tropics. “You might be on something toxic, but I can’t get off this bitch,” he worries. While pondering whether the couple should stay together or call it quits, Fridayy’s crooned chorus clarifies the situation: “I know you’re missing me,” he says. “Who it’s gon’ be if it ain’t me, lil’ baby?”

It’s Only Me debuted at No. 1 in October, becoming Lil Baby’s third No. 1 album. The album received positive reviews for Baby’s polished technique, though some critics criticised its formulaic nature. Baby performed “Forever” on Saturday Night Live earlier this year, maintaining his momentum and demonstrating his intention to continue supporting his latest album four months later.

Watch the video for Lil Baby’s “Forever” with Fridayy below.

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