Latto Says Beef with Nicki Minaj is Disappointing

Latto has spoken out about her feud with Nicki Minaj.

Billboard published its latest cover story featuring Latto on Friday (Feb. 24). During the interview, the Atlanta rapper discussed her infamous Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj, which erupted last October.

“It’s difficult to navigate situations like that because there’s a schism. I’ll imagine myself as a fan of someone, and they’ll see [me] in a completely different light “Latto told Billboard about it. “It’s disheartening. All you have to do is take it on the chin and keep pushing.”

The previously cordial rappers began feuding four months ago after Nicki Minaj mentioned Latto’s hit single “Big Energy” during a rant after The Recording Academy removed Nicki’s hit song “Super Freaky Girl” from the rap category for Grammy nominations.

“I have no objection to being removed from the RAP category as long as we are all treated fairly. If [‘Super Freaky Girl’] has 2B moved out RAP, Big Energy should too!” Nicki Minaj posted a tweet. “Anyone who says otherwise is a Nicki hater or troll.”

Latto’s response to being mentioned sparked an explosive Twitter back-and-forth that lasted for hours, with both women landing vicious jabs.

In the end, Nicki Minaj’s Billboard chart-topping “Super Freaky Girl” received no nominations for the 2023 Grammy Awards, while Latto’s “Big Energy” received a nomination for Best Melodic Rap Performance. The song was defeated by Future, Drake, and Tems’ “Wait for U.”


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