Latto claims that comments about her age bothered her: ‘Until I read it, I never thought I looked old.’

In an interview with Chlöe Bailey, rapper Latto stated that trolls’ comments about her looking “old” have affected her.

At around the 12:50 mark of the interview on Latto’s Apple Music show 777 Radio (as seen above), the 24-year-old asked Bailey, who is also 24, if she feels pressure to maintain a certain image. “Yes… “We try to limit what people can say or talk about us,” Bailey responded. “Because we’re always in our heads, we’re like, ‘Okay, how can I fix this, how can I make that okay?'” As a result, all of our insecurities are heightened, [and] even things we were insecure about are pounced on.”

Latto concurred, adding, “Like me looking old.” Bailey was taken aback by the remark, calling it “crazy” that anyone thinks Latto looks a day older than 24. Latto said she’s had trolls tell her she looks like a “old white woman,” and that seeing such comments on social media made her feel insecure. “It’s all thanks to social media… “You know, I can’t say everything because, as you said, it just heightens your insecurities,” Latto said. “And make some new ones!” Bailey added. “I didn’t think I looked old until I read it on the internet,” Latto explained. “I now think I look like an elderly white woman.”

On the subject of being concerned about how one might be perceived on social media, Bailey went on to discuss how some trolls commented on the way she sat at the VMAs. She explained that she tried to “just sit and look forward” to avoid any comments and because she was wearing a corset, but when she went online, she saw people making lewd remarks about her.

“Then I see things going around like, ‘She looked like she was about to have sex with the chair,'” she laughed. “‘Now hold on,’ I say. Wait a second. I can’t simply sit down?’ ‘Now I’m not even gyrating on the chair,’ I think. I’m sitting this way, looking ahead.”


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